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Dionaea Honeypot on EC2 in 20 minutes

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This is a tutorial on setting up Dionaea on an EC2 instance. Amazon currently off a free EC2 Micro Instance so you should be able to do this too without any cost.


EC2 Server Set up for Dionaea

  1. Sign in to your Amazon AWS console, choose the EC2 tab and choose a Region (I have chosen 'Ascia Pacific (Singapore)')

  2. Push Launch Instance and choose Classic Wizard and push Continue

  3. Click on the Community AMIs tab. Here you need a AMI for Ubuntu 10.04, these vary between AWS Regions. A list of AMIs is available here. Pick an AMI with root store 'ebs' and arch '32-bit'.

  4. For Asia Pacific use the AMI ami-7289cd20 (Pick an AMI with root store 'ebs' and arch 32-bit), then push Select**

  5. Make sure to change the Instance Type to Micro (from Small), otherwise you will be charged, and push Continue

  6. Continue until you are prompted to Create a Key Pair, choose a name and Create and Download Your Key Pair (save this file somewhere safe for later), push Continue .

  7. Choose to Create a New Security Group, for Create a new rule choose All TCP and Source choose Enter whatever you like in Name/Description. Push Add Rule

  8. Push Continue and then Launch

Your server has now been set up and will shortly launch. Note that you have allowed TCP access to all services on this machine so do not install anything that could be compromised. It's possible to tighten up that security but it's a little more complicated - perhaps a subject for a later blog post.

Setting up Dionaea on your EC2 Server

  1. Find the address of your server by selecting it and choosing Instance Actions > Connect. Follow the instruction to connect to your server using the key you generated and downloaded earlier. Putty users may need to use puttygen to convert their key.

  2. Once you're connected you can have Dionaea up and running in minutes by following this tutorial: /2012/02/quick-install-of-dionaea-on-ubuntu/

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