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Announcing Bluepot: a Bluetooth Honeypot

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I have finally got around to putting my Bluetooth Honeypot 'Bluepot' online and it isĀ availableĀ (source and binaries) here:

Bluepot is a Bluetooth Honeypot created for a third year university project that attempts to mirror the functionality of internet based honeypots such as Dionaea but in the world of Bluetooth. It is written in Java and being released under the GNU General Public License v3.

It is very much still a work in process but has a good deal of functionality, including a graphical user interface, support for multiple Bluetooth devices, ability to 'fake' device type and support for multiple vulnerabilities. The main support for malware collection is support for the OBEX Push protocol, enabling a computer to automatically download all files sent to it whilst under the guise of a smart phone or printer.

Bluepot looks like this:

Bluepot currently only runs on Linux, mainly because Windows only supports one Bluetooth device and support for multiple Bluetooth dervices was considered to be a major feature of the project. Adding Windows support should be relatively trivial and is a definite possibility for future development.

Looking back at Bluepot, 7 months after completing development,there are a number of changes I would like to make and features I would like to add. The code isn't perfect but isn't that awful either, all constructive criticism is welcomed.

More about Bluepot:

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